Best Review Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded Barbecue with Cover

Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded Barbecue with CoverBest Review Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded Barbecue with Cover

With so many on offer these days, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded Barbecue with Cover is certainly that and will be a excellent buy. For this great price, the Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded Barbecue with Cover is highly recommended and is always a regular choice with most people.

Product Description

The ever-popular two-burner Outback Trooper gas barbecue is as attractive as it is useful, as it comes in a traditional outdoor green colour and has a lovely wooden trolley. This barbecue is a great all-rounder--it sports a one-piece porcelain-enamelled hood that is corrosion and acid-resistant and totally weather-proof, two porcelain-coated cast iron grills, two stainless steel burners and a precise heat indicator.

A distinctive Outback barbecue feature, the Trooper’s one-piece porcelain-enamelled hood is corrosion and acid-resistant, heat and flame-proof, so it won't blister under high temperatures, and is easy to clean. The addition of a hood makes the barbecue ideal for roasting, grilling or even baking. Outback hooded barbecues are so versatile that, once you have finished cooking, you can turn off the barbecue, pull down the hood and the food sitting on the grills and griddles will keep warm for a good 30 minutes afterwards. The Outback's popular Trooper model has a cool-to-the-touch wooden handle on its hood, which stays cool throughout the whole cooking process, meaning total comfort when lifting and returning the hood.

The grills of the Outback Trooper are made from cast iron, a material that is renowned for its durability and can retain heat for longer than standard chrome grills. We have coated these cast iron cooking surfaces in porcelain to make them 100 per cent rust-proof. The Outback Trooper features top-quality stainless steel burners, which provide optimum heat output, longevity and performance. It also has a swing-away warming rack, which is ideal for increasing your overall cooking area. You can place food on this rack once it has been cooked, leaving the grills and griddles free for actual cooking. Food placed on the warming rack will stay warm with the heat of the main cooking area. The Trooper barbecue is positioned on a stylish Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood and metal trolley that has a modern, yet traditional look. FSC-certified wood, which is guaranteed to be supplied from monitored and well-managed forests, is used in all of Outback’s barbecues.

Another feature of the Outback Trooper is its two side shelves, which give you much more preparation space when you are cooking. For example, you can place raw meat on one shelf and cooked meat on the other. Finally, this barbecue has a porcelain-coated fire bowl, which ensures that the 'body' of the barbecue will not rust or corrode, and will give years of low-maintenance service.